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Psychology of Color

The psychology of color is really important to the success of your website.  All too often I see websites using the WRONG colors, making them hard to read, difficult to navigate, or inciting the wrong action.  In order to help you reconsider the colors of your buttons, calls to action, and overall look, here is […]

Your Customers Know You’re Using Stock Photos

We’ve all seen stock photos. Whether it’s the same image across multiple sites because it is popular, awkward smiles, or unrealistic scenery, stock photos are easy to spot. So why do so many websites still use them? Small businesses may feel that they don’t have any other option. Stock photos can be inexpensive and there […]

When A Company Won’t Change

Change is the language of time.  We live in a five-second world — change is constantly happening around us, and small businesses that refuse to change with the times ultimately get left behind.  That is what happened to the small computer repair shop I worked with last year.