Our Web Design Glossary

Website developers tend to talk a lot of jargon.  Here at GreenCup, we try really hard to explain anything technical that comes up, but sometimes we slip.  Whether you’re working with us on your website, or you’re working with another Grand Rapids based design firm, it may be helpful to have this glossary to support your project.  Note:  We list them in order of  relation rather than alphabetical. Read more

Why A Website is Crucial for Nonprofit Organizations

If working for over 15 nonprofit organizations, including my own, has taught me anything, it’s that the budget is always a major concern.  Most nonprofits understand that a website is something necessary to their legitimacy, but new nonprofits may not realize how important it is and skimp on early website development.  Here are three ways a website can support a nonprofit organization at any stage to help you reconsider. Read more

Hello Tech Pros Website Analysis

We did this really cool Website Analysis for the podcast Hello Tech Pros.  Chad, the host, was juggling daily episodes, guest acquisition, and more, and just didn’t have time to do much more than put things on a website and call it done.  Our analysis helped him get organized. Read more

The Fitness Astronaut Website Analysis

We recently conducted a free website analysis for The Fitness Astronaut, also known as Laila Alieh, a personal and wedding fitness coach.  Her website is pre-launch, so this website analysis looks at buttoning up some final things so the website can go live. Read more

How to Use Pokémon Go! to Attract New Customers

Whether you like it or not, Pokémon Go has taken off. Some small business owners have been irritated with the “augmented reality” app and have taken to putting up signs banning Pokémon trainers from their establishments. Others, however, have figured out that welcoming the game in their business creates an excellent marketing opportunity. Read more