Our Anniversary Party

On Tuesday, November 7th 2017, we acknowledged a wonderful achievement.

With the good food at J. Gardella’s Tavern in Grand Rapids, plus some great company, we celebrated GreenCup’s 5th year in business. As GreenCup’s newest team member, I was glad for the opportunity to meet some of the people we’ve all been working with, and to get to know who is behind the projects. Read more

GreenCup is Celebrating 5 Years of Service!

GreenCup is excited to announce the celebration of our 5 Year Anniversary!

For GreenCup, passing the five year mark is not about bragging rights. When you love what you do for a living, success is not measured by the number of completed projects, or the names in the company contact list, or even in dollars and cents. Our team believes that success is leaving at the end of the day knowing we’ve done the best job possible for the people we serve. Read more

Veronica’s Speech for the Top Women Owned Businesses Luncheon

Today was extremely exciting for us!  The Grand Rapids Business Journal has been a huge supporter of GreenCup’s work as it innovates and grows.  Today’s luncheon for the Top Women Owned Businesses — for which we were a finalist — was empowering, affirming, and quite a treat.

Each winner of the award was given five minutes to speak about their work.  Though we remain a Finalist, I feel this speech offers a rare insight into how GreenCup came into being, and should be shared. Read more

Our Resolutions + An Announcement

The new year comes with new goals, plans, and ambitions.  For GreenCup, that comes in many forms.  Here is what each of us are planning for 2017. Read more

We Received An Award!

I am extremely humbled as I write this.  I was just informed that GreenCup was selected as one of the 2017 GRBJ Top Women Owned Businesses.  Several nominations were received by the GRBJ for us, and I thank each and every one of you.

Much more to come in the New Year.  Happy Holidays!  You’ve given us an amazing gift.

— Veronica