Green Cup Design Sponsors Weekend Blitz

We love being active in the Grand Rapids community.  Each year we participate in GiveCamp and Weekend Blitz, sister events put on by the West Michigan AIGA.  These events directly benefit nonprofits who may not be able to afford the tools they deserve – things like branding, an updated website, and easy to use databases organizing donor and volunteer information.

Our founder started her entrepreneurial career by starting her own nonprofit.  She understands the difficulties they face, and still has a soft spot for any nonprofit, always discounting services for them.  This year we decided to get even more involved in supporting local organizations by sponsoring Weekend Blitz.  We’ll also be participating on the Michigan Blood team, helping to design a new marketing campaign to get millennials involved in donating blood and plasma.  We are so excited to have even greater involvement in such amazing events, and plan to keep it up.

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