Veronica on top of a gutted home in post-Katrina New Orleans.

Hi!  My name is Veronica, and I love nonprofit work.

I spent the first two years of my career in the Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Aid sector. When I returned to Grand Rapids, I started my own 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization.  This formed the lens through which I view everything I do —including website design and support.

  • Rollover Hours

    Nonprofits need to track every expenditure —our rollover maintenance hours and ticketing system are the perfect way to do this.

  • We Use Awesome Tools

    When we work on a website, we start with free tools that get you what you need to communicate your mission.

  • Nonprofit Discount

    All our services receive a 10% discount for 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations (excludes the already discounted Rollover Hours).

  • Website Training

    We train your staff to maintain your website so you only have to call us for the big stuff —this includes video specific to your website!

Check out our services to learn more about what we do!