The Importance of Strong Content

This month I’d like to discuss something that we at GreenCup feel is an important consideration when people are creating a website or social media strategy for their business or product.

Strong, well-developed content.

Some of the most well-spoken people in the world cannot effectively write content. They can tell a story, and they have excellent information to share when given an outlet for it. However, they cannot put their thoughts into writing to convey that information to their readers or website visitors.

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GDPR Hall of Shame for 2018

Just in case you haven’t had enough news and information about GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation , here is more news and information about GDPR. However, it’s time to lighten the mood a bit.

The flood of email that hit your Inbox with those four pesky little letters has really been sent to help safeguard your privacy. The GDPR regulations are supposed to make the websites you visit show you how they use your personal information and give you ways to control what can and cannot be stored or shared by that website.

Because all of your favorite websites now have to ask your permission to store their visitor’s data,  you have to accept their new privacy policies even though you already accepted their privacy policies, allow them access to things you granted years ago, and click Yes to continue receiving their newsletters and snarky emails about GDPR.

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The Last Blog Post | GreenCup

Marketing Your Website in 2018 – Episode 5: The Last Blog Post

Ok. Just to be clear, this is not the last GreenCup blog post. Just the last blog post in this series. All good franchises must come to an end. Unless you have a huge catalog of superheroes, in which case you can just continue to recycle them over and over again by writing sequels and prequels until the cows come home.

Do the cows ever actually ever come home? Nevermind. Back to the serious stuff.

Our Marketing Your Website in 2018 series began on a distant planet, far, far away and comes to an end with this last, solo thought about marketing concepts in the new millennium.

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How Your Website Ups Your Game

As the internet has grown and evolved, so too have the options for building a strong web presence for companies and organizations of all sizes. With the boom of social media, companies have found another valuable avenue to reach and engage both new and existing customers. While it can be tempting to dedicate a majority of time and resources to reaching customers on social media and using a website simply as a ‘digital storefront’, there are several benefits to building and maintaining an engaging website as well.

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Having a Bad Experience with Freelance Designers? Consider This.

It is completely reasonable to write off a bad experience as a bad experience — and often it really was just a fluke. But if you keep having bad experiences, or find it hard to get a Designer to work on your projects, there may be more to the story. Here are three possibilities to consider.

Reconsider Your Budget

One issue I see repeated throughout the freelance world is clients don’t realize how much our services are worth. For example, a good branding package could easily cost $10k. The problem seems to be that, for an ‘intangible’ service, clients don’t appreciate the cost of time and expertise. I’ve seen this undervaluing happen with Website Designers and App Developers, too.

Our services cost what they do because of years of study, honing our craft, and expertise. If you had a bad experience, it may be that you were only able to afford someone still in school or new to the game (or, dare I say, someone who didn’t know what they were doing). Consider re-evaluating your budgetary priorities — especially when it comes to brand design because that’s the first thing your customers experience and it leaves a lasting impression.

You Blundered

Freelancers hold all of the responsibility of lead acquisition and networking for their business, which means they are often out and about, bumping shoulders with other freelancers in their field. For Graphic Designers, that includes events put on by the AIGATuesdays TogetherCreative Mornings, and local design-oriented organizations (like the D-Schools and Universities). I see the same people over and over again — which means we talk.

What is the first thing you ask someone you haven’t seen in a while? You ask how things are going. And when the one thing you know you have in common with the person in front of you is your freelance work, the gut response is typically to do with business. If there is a client that’s being a pain the ass, it’s on my mind and will come up first in conversation.

I know what you’re thinking — it’s unprofessional to name names. And I definitely agree. But references are made and sometimes names are named, usually not to slander but to protect each other and share advice for future experience. I would never post to Social Media or my Design Blog about a bad client, and I don’t think any of my peers would either. But the fact remains that sometimes, one just needs to vent to another who understands.

You’ve Been Blacklisted

When a potential client requests my time and proceeds to be rude, talks down to me or my employees, alters my contract, or asks me to sit in for a few hours as their secretary, that’s an automatic ‘no’ for working with them.

These offenses, however, are so great that declining to work with that client isn’t enough. You see, I don’t want any of my peers to waste their valuable time or be treated that way, either. In this case, I may actually go out of my way to name names. This means your business has been blacklisted in the Design community to some extent, leaving you with few quality options.

So be courteous — just because we’re freelancers doesn’t mean we’re not running a business with margins and standards, just like you.