Veronica’s Speech for the Top Women Owned Businesses Luncheon

Today was extremely exciting for us!  The Grand Rapids Business Journal has been a huge supporter of GreenCup’s work as it innovates and grows.  Today’s luncheon for the Top Women Owned Businesses — for which we were a finalist — was empowering, affirming, and quite a treat.

Each winner of the award was given five minutes to speak about their work.  Though we remain a Finalist, I feel this speech offers a rare insight into how GreenCup came into being, and should be shared. Read more

Grand Rapids Business Journal

Feature in Grand Rapids Business Journal

This week, Green Cup Design was featured in the Grand Rapids Business Journal, during an interview with founder Veronica Kirin.  The article covered much of Veronica’s experience in the Small Business world, but settled prominently on Green Cup Design as her current work.   Read more