Marketing Your Website in 2018: Episode One – The Code Awakens

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Your business’ web presence is more important today than ever before. Your online presence includes your website and your social media reach. It’s the place your business calls home on the Internet, and the lines of communication you use to attract potential customers to your front door.

Your web presence is the total visibility you achieve through the use of a website and available social media tools such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It’s the information you make available to all of your current and future clients. Read more

Let the Michigan Summer Help Your Marketing

Summer is an incredibly busy time in West Michigan. As soon as the weather starts to warm up we see a mad dash of festivals, events, concerts, sporting events, and more filling our calendars. Once you add in family vacations, days on the water, weddings, and holidays, most people feel like summer is already fully scheduled before it even starts. Read more

Hiring a Consultant BEFORE the Emergency

Business owners and entrepreneurs have more to focus on than simply running their businesses now more than ever. It’s no longer just about creating a product or service you love and then reaching customers. Companies now have to pivot their business development more often to stay afloat in a rapidly changing market and maintain their web presence as a reflection of new strategies. This includes effective website design, minding analytics and conversion rates, and social media marketing. Read more

AMA SEO Smackdown

This week we had the pleasure of attending the AMA SEO Smackdown.  A luncheon panel decorated with Rock’em Sock’em Robots, we were ready to get down to the grit of what Search Engine Optimization looks like in 2015.  Since I started working on the web in 2010, a lot has changed, and (as we hear over and over), content is king.  The panel reinforced our white hat tactics, and we’d like to share them with you.  Read more