5 Reasons why Being an Entrepreneur Kicks Ass

Becoming an entrepreneur is a big decision. But it’s 2015, and life is moving faster than ever thanks to the Internet. With so many tools on the web offering a myriad of ways to execute your vision, why wouldn’t you take the leap? For anyone who’s still undecided about starting their own business, here are five reasons that are sure to convince you. 

1. Choosing A Dream-Team

As the leader of a new business, you get to pick your team. You get to choose people who are exciting, talented, and fun. They will invigorate your business and help fill multiple roles at once. This versatility is what makes small businesses and startups so exciting. Web designers might come up with idea for social media support, while content writers might be helping you make eCommerce more efficient. By choosing people you work best with, you can tackle any obstacles that come your way.


2. Your Vision, Your Rules

The biggest benefit of being an entrepreneur is that you are your own boss. True, you take on most of the risk, but you get to decide how far to push your company (and yourself). Your vision is the most important thing and nobody can tell you otherwise. You no longer have to get approval to pursue your ideas.


3. You’ll Never Be Bored

Part of being an entrepreneur is creating something new. With this come a lot of duties that you never thought existed. It’s easy to work for a company where your role is clearly defined. But doing the same thing over and over again gets old quickly. Being an entrepreneur allows you to move away from a singular role and take on some exciting challenges along your journey. You get to travel, work on building a brand, collaborate on film and video, and make new alliances.


4. Interacting With Decision Makers

As your business grows, you will have chances to interact with other visionaries. They might become clients, or they might be fellow entrepreneurs. Either way, these people can give you some of your best ideas and help the growth of your company. They will encourage collaboration, offer you help, and show you how to be the best business person you can be. Being an entrepreneur means going solo, but you’ll also become part of a community.

5. The Chance To Make A Difference

Being an entrepreneur allows you to make a difference in the world. You might feel there are social issues in your life that nobody is addressing, but your business can change that. You can create a company that makes a meaningful impact on the world. You can create products that have value other than the materials they’re made from; you can donate to the charities that matter to you. Even if your business isn’t directly cause-related, you can partner with local organizations, donate to charities, or even sponsor events. It’s a great way to get your name out there.  And with the new B-Corp designation, you can officially and legally align your company with meaningful change.