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What Can Google Plus Do for You?

As I’ve mentioned to many of you, Google Plus is a powerful tool for emerging businesses.  The main reason is its tie straight to the Google Search Engine.  The infographic developed by Search Engine People describes just how powerful Google Plus is and how best to use it for your company.

Make Facebook Posts Count

It is not a surprise that Facebook is frequented at greater rates during evenings and weekends.  These are great times to post an update or announce a new product.  However, some industries find that certain days are even better than others.  The infographic drawn up by LinchpinSEO is a great guide to these trends.

Business Start-Up Resource

If you’re starting a new business and aren’t sure how to begin, the Citizen Media Law Project is a great resource.  They explain, step by step, how to file your papers and what language to use in order to ensure your greatest success. 

Start on the Right Foot

Many of you are launching your dream.  That desire to do something great, to make a little money, or to help others.  Whatever your dream is, it doesn’t start and end with a great website.  That’s why the crowdsourcing site Kickstarter is so popular.