When A Company Won’t Change

Change is the language of time.  We live in a five-second world — change is constantly happening around us, and small businesses that refuse to change with the times ultimately get left behind.  That is what happened to the small computer repair shop I worked with last year.  Read more

Redeveloping an Overgrown Manufacturing Company Website

Fabrinet is a publicly traded manufacturing company based in Thailand going through a growth spurt. Company executives recognized that their old website no longer reflected their size, nor did it adequately convey their process to investors and customers.  The website was badly outdated; it had a boxed design, disorganized dropdown menu structure, and pictures that were too small for today’s HD / Retina screens.  It also did not play well with mobile, which negatively influences Google search position.

The challenge of this redesign was not just in updating the look of the site, but also reorganizing the site from the ground up.  The website is over 35 pages strong, with company leadership of over ten executives.  There was a lot to organize, and a lot of input to consider. Read more

How We Redeveloped a FindLaw Website

FindLaw, a subsidiary of Thomson Reuters, is a marketing company for law firms and lawyers that provides legal information and updates to both lawyers and the public.  One of the most popular services FindLaw offers is website design and marketing maintenance for law firms.  This includes the initial design and build, with blog post writing plus SEO and its corresponding analytics ongoing.  Today I am not here to opine on the services FindLaw provides, but to describe what happens when a law firm chooses to leave FindLaw. Read more