Our Founder is Conducting a Major Kickstarter

Since April, I’ve been working on a side project called Untold Stories.  Its focus is on preserving history while getting to the root of how technology has effected our society.  I spend an awful lot of time on the computer and internet, much more than the average American, I’m sure, and I know it takes a toll.  My eye sight has suffered, and so has my posture.  I sadly no longer feel the urge to call up a friend when I can just message them online, and there is a constant stream of information coming my way from a myriad of sources.  Read more

Grand Rapids Business Journal

Feature in Grand Rapids Business Journal

This week, Green Cup Design was featured in the Grand Rapids Business Journal, during an interview with founder Veronica Kirin.  The article covered much of Veronica’s experience in the Small Business world, but settled prominently on Green Cup Design as her current work.   Read more

WGVU Morning Show Entrepreneurial Insider

Entrepreneurial Insider is a program put on by Mary Brown of GROW and hosted by Shelley Irwin on the WGVU Morning Show.  It highlights the triumphs and struggles of being a small business owner to encourage other Grand Rapids entrepreneurs

This week, Green Cup Design founder Veronica Kirin was featured to speak to the theme “Freelance to Small Business Owner”.  The transition of Kirin|Design to Green Cup Design has carried many lessons that will hopefully be valuable to other entrepreneurs who may be going through or anticipating a similar experience.  Read more

TEDx Grand Rapids 2015

This year, four of the Green Cup Design group attended TEDx.  It was a great experience, with tons of take aways.  The theme, “Constant Change”, brought forth varied and insightful talks from gender issues to the science of sleep.  I personally felt there was a lot to take away, and I asked the team for their thoughts, too. Read more

Green Cup Design Sponsors Weekend Blitz

We love being active in the Grand Rapids community.  Each year we participate in GiveCamp and Weekend Blitz, sister events put on by the West Michigan AIGA.  These events directly benefit nonprofits who may not be able to afford the tools they deserve – things like branding, an updated website, and easy to use databases organizing donor and volunteer information.

Our founder started her entrepreneurial career by starting her own nonprofit.  She understands the difficulties they face, and still has a soft spot for any nonprofit, always discounting services for them.  This year we decided to get even more involved in supporting local organizations by sponsoring Weekend Blitz.  We’ll also be participating on the Michigan Blood team, helping to design a new marketing campaign to get millennials involved in donating blood and plasma.  We are so excited to have even greater involvement in such amazing events, and plan to keep it up.