AMA SEO Smackdown

This week we had the pleasure of attending the AMA SEO Smackdown.  A luncheon panel decorated with Rock’em Sock’em Robots, we were ready to get down to the grit of what Search Engine Optimization looks like in 2015.  Since I started working on the web in 2010, a lot has changed, and (as we hear over and over), content is king.  The panel reinforced our white hat tactics, and we’d like to share them with you.  Read more

Upcoming Google SEO Changes

Matt Cutts is an associate at Google.  He joined the team in 2000 and is now head of the WebSpam team.  In this video he discusses what Google has in store for its programs in the summer of 2013, including Penguin, Panda, Site Hacking, Content, and  Link Analysis.


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Google Plus

Google Plus: Great for SEO, Bad Blog Host

I’m sure you’re double checking the title of this post to make sure you read it right.  After many of you have heard me praise Google +, it’s not surprising.  No worries – there are nuts and bolts to this that are simple and clear.

As I’ve said, Google + is a powerful social media and business platform.  When used correctly, it can drive customers to your site, keep them connected to your activity, allow for easy event hosting, and more.  For local Grand Rapids businesses, it does wonders for SEO, since it plugs your information directly into Google.  Connecting your blog’s RSS feed to Google + also helps drive readership and, again, SEO.

So what’s with the title? Read more

Domain Name URL

Domain Name SEO Strategy

NOTE:  This post assumes some basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization.  If you have had little exposure to this subject, please refer to this infographic while reading…

Picking out a URL may seem a simple task.  A business called “Creative Coffee” might feel would be the correct domain name to purchase.  While that is not wrong, there is a facet to domain choice that the average business owner may not know.  That is, your domain name is the root to your rankings in search engines. Read more

SEO No Longer Stands Alone

The business and online world is constantly ringing the SEO bell – get your keywords straight, do your research, post often, and “content is king”.  They also tout the power of Social Media, and sharing images of your work.  It may seem that there are many moving parts to a business’s online presence, but there really is only one.  Erica Bell from, explains that social media, SEO, and visuals are all pieces of the same puzzle.  Take a look at her article, “3 Reasons why Marketing, Visual, and SEO Integration is Crucial“, for clarity and suggestions for your business. Read more