Google Analytics Guide

Google Analytics and How It Helps

Good day!  I’d like to take a moment to talk to you about Google Analytics.  As most of us know, Google is the number one search engine and a provider of many other services.  One service that is important for you to take note of as a small business is Google Analytics.  Google provides this program to aid website owners in monitoring their site and its value to both you and your customers.  There are two sources I would like to share on this point.  The first is an overview of seven important Google Analytics tools and how to use them, written by PR Daily.  The second is the infographic to the left.  Developed by Simply Business, it will walk you through the set up with Google.  Finally, an important point for WordPress users – if you are not using the site Stats program provided by Jetpack, you are loosing a lot of data.  Happy hunting!

Inbound Marketing Infographic

Inbound Marketing Explained

What good is the social media and keywords I keep bugging  you about?  A good deal!  Take a look at this infographic developed by The Whole Brain Group that explains Inbound Marketing at a glance.  It will walk you through the major steps of the process and hopefully get you into the marketing mindset.

Google Plus and SEO Infographic

What Can Google Plus Do for You?

As I’ve mentioned to many of you, Google Plus is a powerful tool for emerging businesses.  The main reason is its tie straight to the Google Search Engine.  The infographic developed by Search Engine People describes just how powerful Google Plus is and how best to use it for your company.

Google Plus and SEO