Our Content Writing Services

The written word isn’t everyone’s forté.  Additionally, one may be good at writing product descriptions, but copy for a website or advertising requires different voices.  That’s why we offer content writing, content development, and copy editing.  We can take on one page, or write for you on an ongoing basis.  We’ll make sure that it’s written in the correct voice, for the right target audience, and with short or long term vocabulary.  Here’s exactly what we offer.

“Your subject lines are catchy, and once I click it open I love seeing an image first (it draws you in and you get an instant “feel” for what the purpose/mood).  Once I’m past seeing the image I notice the body copy is short and to the point—perfect! If the body copy and mood from the image resonate together, plus a catchy call-to-action on the button, there’s a high chance I’ll click through it. The variety keeps me [reading] to see what else is up and coming.”

Spencer TothMarketer