Want to be Taken Seriously? Become a Better Writer.

Good Writing is as Essential as your Degree

Technology has played a pivotal role in business, education, and personal connections.  One can now easily connect with international clients, find papers from academic sources in Taiwan, and maintain friendships with folks not seen for years.  While these advances are fantastic, technology has wreaked havoc on our language skills.  Unfortunately for those who are accustomed to ‘brb’ and ‘imho’ as standard and accepted methods of communication, poor use of language will equal lost career opportunities.

Having been in a management role for over three years, I can personally attest to language playing a role in hiring.  When a resume containing poor grammar or spelling was sent my way, it quickly found its way to the trash.  Even if you have a degree from Cornell, your use of language is far more tell-tale, as outlined by Dave Kerpen, author and business writer for LinkedIn.  If one does not have the patience or know-how to communicate well on paper, I must believe that s/he will not be an effective communicator within my business and may lack some essential knowledge.  Take the time to proofread and polish your skills – for your sake, the sake of your business, and for the sake of your recipient.

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