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Google Plus: Great for SEO, Bad Blog Host

I’m sure you’re double checking the title of this post to make sure you read it right.  After many of you have heard me praise Google +, it’s not surprising.  No worries – there are nuts and bolts to this that are simple and clear.

As I’ve said, Google + is a powerful social media and business platform.  When used correctly, it can drive customers to your site, keep them connected to your activity, allow for easy event hosting, and more.  For local Grand Rapids businesses, it does wonders for SEO, since it plugs your information directly into Google.  Connecting your blog’s RSS feed to Google + also helps drive readership and, again, SEO.

So what’s with the title?  It’s my (and TodayMade‘s) recommendation that you continue to do just that – write and host your blog on your website.  In the age of “Content is King”, hosting your content on a social media site will remove the benefits of that beautiful blog from your own site.  Further, the rest of your social media will stop pointing to your site on a regular basis, and visits will fall.

To sum it all up, keep blogging as you have been.  Google + offers many excellent features, but this one is best left untouched.  And don’t start thinking of copying your blog to your Google + account as a middle ground — you’ll get penalized for copied content.

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