GreenCup is Celebrating 5 Years of Service!

GreenCup is excited to announce the celebration of our 5 Year Anniversary!

For GreenCup, passing the five year mark is not about bragging rights. When you love what you do for a living, success is not measured by the number of completed projects, or the names in the company contact list, or even in dollars and cents. Our team believes that success is leaving at the end of the day knowing we’ve done the best job possible for the people we serve.

At GreenCup, we believe that customer service is a critical part of every successful project. We thrive on the positive feedback that comes from a job well done. Our team’s commitment to customer service has kept the website and social media needs for one of our earliest clients in our care as both companies have grown over the last five years.

The company began as Kirin|Design when owner Veronica Kirin took her solid grasp of web strategies, SEO, and WordPress to begin freelancing after the SEO Firm where she served as Director for two years was bought out. As the company grew it was renamed GreenCup to convey a branded but friendly message to potential clients. The term “greencup” has multiple meanings, which are – a casual meeting over coffee, website jargon made understandable, and a website that successfully generates revenue.

This year, GreenCup was recognized as one of the Top Women Owned Businesses in West Michigan by the Grand Rapids Business Journal. Partnering with other local companies such as BoxBoom Creative and Little World, GreenCup has helped newly minted entrepreneurs and established businesses alike develop their web and social media presence into dynamic extensions of their company’s business model that is critical in today’s digital world.

GreenCup has become the best choice for digital services in the Grand Rapids area. However, zip codes are no longer a business restriction and our team has completed projects for clients in New Orleans, Silicon Valley, German, South Korea, and Thailand.

The celebration of GreenCup’s 5th year in business would be meaningless, and impossible, without our wonderful group of clients. It has been our greatest pleasure to see your business succeed and know that we have played any part in your growth. Your success is the yardstick by which the GreenCup team measures our own.

Our 5 Year Anniversary is as much your celebration as it is ours, because it means we have succeeded in building a lasting relationship which will guide us both forward in the coming years. Please join the GreenCup team at J. Gardella’s Tavern on Tuesday, Nov. 7th from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

Help us celebrate the 5 Year Anniversary of GreenCup, Veronica Kirin’s vision and leadership, and the most important part of our business – you.