Hiring a Consultant BEFORE the Emergency

Business owners and entrepreneurs have more to focus on than simply running their businesses now more than ever. It’s no longer just about creating a product or service you love and then reaching customers. Companies now have to pivot their business development more often to stay afloat in a rapidly changing market and maintain their web presence as a reflection of new strategies. This includes effective website design, minding analytics and conversion rates, and social media marketing.

Too often, businesses hire consultants to help after they’ve already run into problems (panic button, anyone?). However, building a relationship with a consultant early on can help you altogether avoid the pain of lost business down the road. It’s tough to anticipate the obstacles your company will face, but consulting services offer a huge boon. You may know why to hire a consulting business, but here is when it makes the most sense to do so:

1. Set In A Routine?  Stop it.

Often companies will find a successful tactic for reaching consumers and stick with it.  A great example is the case study I just finished about just such a client. If it’s broken, why fix it, right? A consultant can help a business by adding fresh perspective to established tactics before they’ve become stale.

Consulting businesses work with many different clients solving numerous problems, and are up-to-date on the latest trends so to disrupt them. Even if your numbers are good, a consultant may have some surprising techniques to make them better and be able to call a hiccup before it happens.

2. You Think You Know Your Target Market…

With an ever-changing marketplace, companies needs to constantly revamp their efforts to reach their audience. To bolster your marketing strategy, great consultants think like anthropologists (or may even be Anthropologists). They know how your customers think and how they interact with other markets. This leads to messaging that can reach people in a more meaningful way and ultimately lead to more conversions. A consulting business that knows how to honestly speak to your target market will help you find people who are as excited about your company as you are.

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3. Be Disruptive

Doesn’t this sound like a good thing?  Disrupting the market is a big part of strategic business planning.  Consulting businesses can help pivot a small business’ marketing (or even their branding) to disrupt established trends in a way that big companies can’t. This can draw positive attention and help you stand out. By disrupting the existing marketplace, your company can break through the chatter and talk to consumers in a more meaningful way. Consultants know how to do this, and they have the tools to do it for you.

4. Here Comes a Fork in the Road

Today’s marketplace requires a digital strategy. Unfortunately, many family businesses still need help transitioning to the web.  A consultant can help them do that while maintaining the honest messaging they’ve carried throughout the years.

Transitions may also mean internal changes that need to be handled strategically and messaged to followers delicately.  A creative strategy consultant knows how to walk you through those steps and bind internal restructuring with a positive connection to your customers.

Even in times of opportunity, when you’re adding a new product to your line, a consultant can be critical in ensuring that it goes exactly as you envision.  By working with someone who is seasoned through many different circumstances, you can leverage legacy knowledge and execute a perfect launch.


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