Is it Time for a Website Redesign?

I’d say about 50% of our website clients come to us for a redesign.  The most common reason cited is that the website design is old, broken, or no longer looks good.  A close second is the content is no longer accurate, either because their target market has changed or was written in house by someone who didn’t know how to write for the web.  The latter is common for first time small business websites.

Unfortunately, there is a lot more to a website than just looks and words.  A website should lead potential clients / customers in an ordered pattern, never letting them float indiscriminately around the site.  It should use language specific to the target market / demographic.  And it should certainly have been planned with specific company goals in mind.  

That’s where this infographic by Big Duck comes in handy.  Most of my clients don’t know where to start when considering their web presence – and they don’t need to.  That’s our job.  But our website clients are ultimately responsible for decision making with regards to their presence, and without the right tools, they may not realize a website redesign is long overdue.  Using the chart below, I think that gap will close a bit.

Time to Rethink Your Website