Make Your Email Work For You

Does the thought of doing an email campaign make you moan?  Here is  a 10 minute tip to beef up your email without starting a full-out campaign (though you should consider one if your business is more than a year old).  You already send messages to clients, customers, business partners,  and new acquaintances on a daily basis – all of whom could be leveraged to discover your website, booking information, social media, and whatever else you offer. 

A great way to suggest that information without a blatant sales pitch is by customizing your email signature with a handy little app by WiseStamp.  WiseStamp is a plugin for Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers, and integrates with Gmail, Google Mail, Outlook (Hotmail), and AOL.  Through WiseStamp, you can tailor your signature to your business and add links to your social media, a Twitter or RSS feed, and even a ‘daily deal’.  One more thought – when using WiseStamp (or any such app), make sure you use an analytics tool (like Google Analytics) to track how effective it is so you can make necessary changes in the future.

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