Our Resolutions + An Announcement

The new year comes with new goals, plans, and ambitions.  For GreenCup, that comes in many forms.  Here is what each of us are planning for 2017.

“My professional new years resolution is to read more content out of my normal comfort zone to help improve my writing and perspectives. Personally, my goal is to spend a minimum of five hours outside and away from technology every week.” — Matt Valleau

“I’d like to develop guides and examples to help DIY small business and non profits execute SEO and marketing changes. I also want to make sure we stay ahead with changes in local search algorithms and mobile as they are rapidly changing.” — Mike LaLonde

“Every year I pick words I want to grow in. This year’s words are: Joy, Dreams, Covenant and Alpha & Omega. I’ve found that doing this promotes personal, spiritual, and emotional growth in an impactful and well rounded fashion.” — Jonathan Tasman

“I want to meet up with contacts, friends, and colleagues more often, just for casual coffee.  Staying touch provides support and more opportunities for sharing.”  — Veronica Kirin

And for GreenCup? In 2017 we will be focusing on nonprofit organizations.  The first three years of my career were spent in the nonprofit sector.  It is a language I speak, and I understand what it takes to run a 501(c)3 organization from personal experience.  It is my hope that we will do at least 25% of our work with nonprofit organizations.

YOU can help by connecting us to the nonprofit organizations you love.  Our rollover bulk hours make it easy for nonprofits to get the website support they need while on a budget, and we offer a 10% discount on all our other services for 501(c)3 certified organizations.

Here’s to a 2017 with lots of heart!

Check out how we plan to help nonprofits be stellar this year.