Adams K9


Adams K9 is a dog training and kennel facility in Hudsonville, MI.  Their website had been developed internally, but required some updates and design work that required professional support.  They also chose to update their brand in order to develop assets such as a brochure and employee handbook.

Brand work is done in partnership with BoxBoom Creative.

“I came to GreenCup to help me with branding and update my web page to cater to our target customer base. Veronica and her staff hit the ball out of the park. My background and expertise is certainly not in marketing, web, design, and branding. My advice to entrepreneurs is to do what you do best and hire the experts to do what they do best. My branding, business cards, brochures, and web page have the professional look I was looking for. The GreenCup Team is thorough and I recommend them for your business.”

Randy AdamsOwnerAdams K9


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