Capstone CPA Group

Project Overview

Capstone CPA Group is a CPA that specializes in small business, especially trades, entrepreneurship, and professionals.  Their goal is to cut through the barriers of understanding so their clients can feel confident and informed.

Capstone CPA Group wanted a website that felt clean, friendly, and communicated their initiative of clarity and transparency with their clients.  As they have three major target demographics, we segmented the site in a user-friendly way so clients could easily find the section that relates best to them.  Minimal design, parallax scroll, and custom post sections all featured on the site.

We continue to work with them on an ongoing basis to develop their brand voice, employee code of conduct, and video shoot topics.

Veronica (Green Cup Design) is a necessary business partner. Not only did she guide me through the process of developing a website, she also focused my attention and in so doing helped me define the target market for my business. She helped me visualize my business and convey that message. That is invaluable in a website. That is why you should use Green Cup Design.

Tony MomanyCPACapstone CPA Group

Project Highlights