Project Overview

We started our relationship with Cyber.Lease as consultants for a brochure website.  As the website was quickly growing and getting a lot of attention, the client decided to have a new website built from the ground up.

The resulting website is one of our largest builds.  It is a marriage between eCommerce and Paid Membership functions, where members may list their products in full autonomy.  The site launched with over 1,500 products, with special tag listings and search bars.  The site was also developed with a custom loading search bar on the home page to demonstrate the product titles to new customers.

A lot of coaching went into this site as it is a new industry and we needed to brainstorm how to construct messaging and calls to action.  We also developed a custom color scheme and polished logotype branding to offer a corporate feel.  Phase Two will likely involve further brand work, web automation, and added transaction capabilities.  We are conducting ongoing Content Writing for this client in addition to web development.

Project Highlights

GreenCupDesign’s Technology Director, Veronica Kirin impressed me with her creative vision and forward thinking technical application when building Cyber Lease’s website. Veronica was able to grasped my vision and apply it to the build out of my website. She earned a lot of respect from me because of her working knowledge of SEO, website mechanics and professionalism. I am looking forward to Cyber Lease’s phase two and three projects.

Sean ChalfinOwnerCyberLease