Flame Dance Firewood

Project Overview

Flame Dance Firewood is a boutique wood processing company.  They source their wood from Michigan only, and season it at a longer standard than other such companies.  For that reason their wood burns hotter, longer.  Located in Saugatuck, they serve West Michigan.

Flame Dance Firewood required a website that had a warm and welcoming feel, while also conveying the story of their process.  The resulting website features beautiful pictures of their property, a story page to familiarize clients with the process, and their family dog.

“I am not surprised by your nomination [for the GRBJ Top Women Owned Businesses Award].  You were very good to work with.  Very good at all stages of ‘coffee’.   Excellent at listening thru each stage, at throwing things out, pulling things in, and especially at ending coffee.  You were very crisp and clean communicating, and I found that delightful.  I remember it being difficult for me, to tell you I did not like something.   You were good with that.  You made me feel comfortable, with my choices and you made me feel confident in yours.  I hope to work with you and your team in the future.”

Jim SlaghuisOwnerFlame Dance Firewood

Project Highlights