MoonDrop Herbals

Project Overview

MoonDrop Herbals is an apothecary store located on the West side of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  They sell organic tea, essential oils, proprietary spice blends, and more.

Their old website was outdated and nearly invisible to Google.  They had a hard time making the connection from the website to the store, and those who did use the site found it to be difficult to navigate.

The goal of the update was to clean up the design, reorganize the site, make it easier to use for the proprietor and customer, and garner the attention of Google.

The main reason I decided to pursue Veronica and Green Cup Design, aside from the fact it was a local business, was the quick response I got directly from the human behind the website. I didn’t have to fill out a lengthy questionnaire and wait for days for a response, she contacted me right away so I was happy to submit the online questionnaire. Also noted: the questionnaire was truly geared toward learning about me, my business, and my web design needs – not about what I wanted from a laundry list of choices by the design company. Veronica was willing to work within my budget, altering her standard course of practice, to get me the services I needed, while coaching me as I populated the pages of my new website on my own. We had a few technical and personal communication roadblocks along the way and she was able to adjust very quickly to find the workable solution. I am very happy with my new site and feel confident in my abilities to keep it updated. I also feel secure that she knows the ropes on the technical side – from valuable tools and plugins to make my site easier to use, to hosting, security, and search engine optimization. Hugs Veronica!

Linda SnowOwnerMoonDrop Herbals