Time for an Update to the GreenCup Website | GreenCup Design

Time for an Update… to the GreenCup Website!

We’ve seen a fair amount of change at GreenCup over the last year, with much of it revolving around Joanna Corrigan taking the wheel to steer us toward growth, new projects, and new opportunities.

By merging two companies, CATKAM Media and GreenCup, the result is GreenCup Digital. A one-stop shop where West Michigan small businesses can find the solution to any or all of their web design, social media, content, SEO, and branding needs.
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GDPR And GreenCup 2018 | GreenCup Design

GreenCup and GDPR Compliance in 2018

By now, most people have received a flurry of emails from websites and online subscriptions announcing updates to their Privacy Policy statements. The term GDPR Compliance has probably flashed across your monitor several times as you’ve read through your latest emails.

You may also notice that many websites now provide a toolbar somewhere on the page that allows you to control what information that site can collect and store. Most newsletters, product updates, and other subscription-based emails may send you a separate request for permission to continue as well.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and is a set of rules put in place to better protect people from the unauthorized collection and use of their personal data. The new rules make it easier for people to see who has access to the personal data that has been collected by each website they visit, and easier for people to control the access to and retention of their personal data by that website or any of its third-party partners

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Hiring a Consultant BEFORE the Emergency

Business owners and entrepreneurs have more to focus on than simply running their businesses now more than ever. It’s no longer just about creating a product or service you love and then reaching customers. Companies now have to pivot their business development more often to stay afloat in a rapidly changing market and maintain their web presence as a reflection of new strategies. This includes effective website design, minding analytics and conversion rates, and social media marketing. Read more

When A Company Won’t Change

Change is the language of time.  We live in a five-second world — change is constantly happening around us, and small businesses that refuse to change with the times ultimately get left behind.  That is what happened to the small computer repair shop I worked with last year.  Read more

Don’t Accept A Prescription

One of the silliest things I’ve seen in the Consulting world is what I call “Prescription Consulting”.  That is, a Consultant works for a client to solve a problem, then says “here’s the solution, now go do it”.  With that kind of thinking there is no buy-in to a client’s needs, which means win or lose, they have your money and are out of the picture. Read more