Tidbit: Why a Blog is Critical to Your Business

Hey!  It’s time for another Green Cup Design Tidbit.  This time I sat down with our content ninja Will to discuss the ins and outs of why a blog is so important to a website and small business.  I know you have a lot of things on your hands (I’m in same boat!) but this is really important!  So watch the video to gain a better understanding of how you could be using a blog. Read more

Tidbit: The Difference Between Branding & Identity

We experience a lot of confusion about what a logo, brand, and brand identity are.  Yes, they are all pieces of the same puzzle, but some should not stand alone.  Which parts must you have, and which can you live without?  Watch this Green Cup Design Tidbit to find out!  Read more

Tidbit: Social Media’s Role in Small Business

Social media is VERY important to Small Business, but some Small Business owners just don’t have the time or extra mental space to handle it.  Here are some reasons why you should make time, and how to manage it so you don’t go crazy.

You asked for more bloopers, and we didn’t have to try hard. Read more