Infographic: Video Marketing Stats

Video marketing is the best way to reach your audience, today.  It converts better than any other medium, and holds the attention of consumers longer than photos or content alone.  We often recommend videography for our client’s websites, using this infographic to display the latest stats.  We’re sharing it here so anyone can use it to develop a targeting marketing plan involving videography. Read more

Past, Present, & Future of Website Design

The advent of flat website design drew attention from lay men and designers alike.  It highlighted the strength of the updated coding structures HTML5 and CSS3, and the modern separation of design from content.  We’ve come a long way from the early days of website design, and I sure am glad.  Here’s an infographic about the history of website design.  It will familiarize you with ongoing trends and the coming nuances in design based on technology. Read more

Is it Time for a Website Redesign?

I’d say about 50% of our website clients come to us for a redesign.  The most common reason cited is that the website design is old, broken, or no longer looks good.  A close second is the content is no longer accurate, either because their target market has changed or was written in house by someone who didn’t know how to write for the web.  The latter is common for first time small business websites.

Unfortunately, there is a lot more to a website than just looks and words.  A website should lead potential clients / customers in an ordered pattern, never letting them float indiscriminately around the site.  It should use language specific to the target market / demographic.  And it should certainly have been planned with specific company goals in mind.   Read more

Website Design Trends for 2015

Mmm… we love infographics.  And this one is just our style.  Designed by Red Website Design in the UK, here are the website trend predictions for 2015.  The blow infographic is a compendium of a study interviewing over 50 designersRead more

Creating Responsive Design in a Multi-Device World

Responsive design is the buzzword these days. My clients won’t let me out of a meeting without mentioning it (I always design responsively with or without encouragement). This infographic gives stats on current mobile usage as well as some great tips for making your sites responsive. Read more