How Instagram Stories Could Rival Snapchat

At the beginning of August, Instagram rolled out Instagram Stories, adding to the wave of video feeds sweeping social media.  If you’re an Instagram user, you may have noticed the circles now gracing the top of your feed.  These little 10 second videos offer the opportunity for your followers to see into the ‘every day’, instead of the polished images we’re all used to. Read more

Why Email Lists Are Still Important In A World Of Social Media

We like to think of marketing like the back row of a chessboard. These are your strongest pieces, your digital marketing platforms, capable of the most movement at once. The king is Facebook and by its side is Twitter, the elegant, fast-moving queen. Strafing these two are the rook and bishop, which represent different social media platforms, depending on your business: Instagram, Pinterest, or even LinkedIn. The knight, however, is your email list, and it’s the only piece able to jump over others.  Read more

It’s Time to Have the Social Media Talk

Sit down and get comfy, because it’s time to talk.

We both know how important social media management is in the digital marketplace. Maybe you were posting updates about your company as a side project, and at first it was fun. But keeping up with multiple posts per day loses its charm after a while. It’s time to get serious again. Read more

Tidbit: Why a Blog is Critical to Your Business

Hey!  It’s time for another Green Cup Design Tidbit.  This time I sat down with our content ninja Will to discuss the ins and outs of why a blog is so important to a website and small business.  I know you have a lot of things on your hands (I’m in same boat!) but this is really important!  So watch the video to gain a better understanding of how you could be using a blog. Read more

Tidbit: Social Media’s Role in Small Business

Social media is VERY important to Small Business, but some Small Business owners just don’t have the time or extra mental space to handle it.  Here are some reasons why you should make time, and how to manage it so you don’t go crazy.

You asked for more bloopers, and we didn’t have to try hard. Read more