Veronica Sits on Aging 2.0 Panel

Aging2.0 came to Grand Rapids in September as part of the #30in30in30 global event – Thirty cities in 30 days with 30 startup pitches for products that will help our elders.  Grand Rapids was honored to be selected as one of the cities, with even greater attendance at our host venue, Start Garden, than Chicago.  My background in startup support plus my new work with the Untold Stories Project was a great fit for the panel.  What a blast!

Incubators in Grand Rapids

What?  Incubators?  Are we going to a farm?

Jokes aside, StartUp Incubators are an extremely valuable asset for a new startup company.  So much so, that many startups will uproot their project in order to be involved with a well-reputed incubator.

Grand Rapids was seeing a lot of that a few years ago.  It’s still happening, but much less so due to the efforts of some key incubators in the community.  This is a working list of those organizations, with some key factors that affect the eligibility of a startup and the desirability for said startup.  Read more

Join Veronica at Start Garden for Advisor Hours

Join me today at Start Garden to get advice for your small business and start up ideas. I’ll help you determine what steps you should take in your digital launch, and sketch some ideas. Advisor Hours are from 2-5pm and are free to members, $5 for walk-ins.  Read more

CoWorking Space Abounds in Grand Rapids

CoWorking [koh-wur-king, koh-wur-] (noun) –  a style of work which involves a shared working environment, sometimes an office, yet independent activity (Wikipedia)

Grand Rapids, Michigan, is an excellent city in which to start a small business.  In the past I’ve named many resources for getting off the ground.  Now I’d like to showcase a few coworking spaces that help to keep the ball rolling.

Why consider a coworking space in the first place?  For a single entrepreneur like myself, sometimes I just need to get out of the house.  For groups that have started something, a home environment doesn’t always cut it.  Maybe a specialized space is needed for the kind of work you’re interested in.  At the very least, coworking space means networking and the support of others in similar shoes. Read more