Veronica Sits on Aging 2.0 Panel

Aging2.0 came to Grand Rapids in September as part of the #30in30in30 global event – Thirty cities in 30 days with 30 startup pitches for products that will help our elders.  Grand Rapids was honored to be selected as one of the cities, with even greater attendance at our host venue, Start Garden, than Chicago.  My background in startup support plus my new work with the Untold Stories Project was a great fit for the panel.  What a blast!

Stock Photos Alter Our Reality

I build a lot of websites and work on many more daily.  It’s become standard practice for myself and for many other designers to create websites that use stock photos.  We use them in blogs, in sliders, and as backgrounds.  They give users an orientation and a feel for what they’re reading.  But are they hurting us?  Read more

Join Veronica at Start Garden for Advisor Hours

Join me today at Start Garden to get advice for your small business and start up ideas. I’ll help you determine what steps you should take in your digital launch, and sketch some ideas. Advisor Hours are from 2-5pm and are free to members, $5 for walk-ins.  Read more

dapper reddit

Using Reddit for Your Business

dapper redditI know what you’re thinking – Reddit is a giant time suck full of silly pictures and snarky remarks.  While that is not totally off base (anyone like cats?), Reddit has provided me with an excellent tool for my business.  Let’s get into the meat of it. Read more