It’s Time to Have the Social Media Talk

Sit down and get comfy, because it’s time to talk.

We both know how important social media management is in the digital marketplace. Maybe you were posting updates about your company as a side project, and at first it was fun. But keeping up with multiple posts per day loses its charm after a while. It’s time to get serious again.

The main reasons many of us put off social posting is because it involves time and resources. But don’t give up on your social media presence. It may be time to change up your strategy or to simply let someone else take over for a while. We’re here to help; it’s why we’re having this talk.

First, Why is Social Media So Important?

It’s easy to forget why your social media pages are important, so let’s talk numbers.

In 2014, companies spent over $8.5 billion on social media ads. Major players have been busy over the last decade disrupting how customers interact with businesses online. With Google came search engine optimization (SEO) and Facebook now offers “paid posting.” Even Instagram is changing their algorithm to promote content differently.

Each of these platforms pulls in customers differently, and Facebook sits in the center, allowing businesses to try out various techniques to reach their target market. But keeping your content fresh and engaging takes a lot of time, something many of us are short on.

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You Must Post Wisely

With only so many hours in the day, it can be tough to prioritize posting to social media. If you’re brave enough to do it yourself —or delegate it to an eager colleague— there are two major things you should consider:

1) Make sure you have diversity among the types of posts you publish. Videos, photos, and memes help to drive people to your page, but do very little for your marketing. On the other hand, blog posts function wonderfully as a form of branded content, but take quite a while to write if you don’t have a content writer in-house. Social media branding like this takes finesse, but when it happens you’ll be able to talk to your audience more effectively.

2) Stay consistent. Facebook Publisher and TweetDeck can help you plan your social media schedule weeks at a time, and tools like Hootsuite (which we mentioned in our Social Media video) can help manage everything from one platform. This can save you the stress of fiddling with posts for separate sites on a daily basis. Business consultants vary in how often they recommend posting. Fast Company revealed that they post twice to Facebook and 14 times to Twitter each day. Each market is different and it all depends on how much time you have, so finding your sweet spot is up to you.

Don’t Have The Time? Hire A Pro

Hiring another company to do your posting is quickest way to get it done and it comes with some benefits. 1) It allows you to focus your energy on your business, and 2) it will create the most effective posts.

Those that manage social media on a professional level know how to increase the metrics you need most: clicks, page views, conversions, you name it! Hub Staff explained,

“It is this eye for design, graphical skills, industrial knowledge and experience that all add maturity [to] using a social media agency.”

By outsourcing your social posting to someone else, you’re not only saving time, you’re also getting the most out of it.

OK, you can relax now; the talk is over. We know it got intense there for a second, but it was for your own good. We just know how much your business means to you and we want see your web presence thrive. So get back out there and show the Internet what you’re made of.

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