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dapper redditI know what you’re thinking – Reddit is a giant time suck full of silly pictures and snarky remarks.  While that is not totally off base (anyone like cats?), Reddit has provided me with an excellent tool for my business.  Let’s get into the meat of it.

Reddit was founded by two college grads in 2005.  Immediately, its growth skyrocketed, making it a desirable project for multiple buy-outs.  At the end of 2012, Reddit boasted over 43 million users around the world and 67,000+ subreddits on varying subjects.  With so much going on, it is certainly easy to lose hours on the popular platform.  Yet, on that same note, there are many resources you can tap into.

The most important resource for any Redditor is the job board, coined “ForHire“.  Hopefully that doesn’t apply to my recently-founded-business readers…  The areas that I would argue are the second most important are the local sub-reddits.  For instance, those interested in start ups and small business in Grand Rapids can easily post questions or announcements to drive local and targeted traffic.  Imagine the market and social research that’s available – for free!

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Finally, I highly suggest customizing your Dashboard to display the subreddits that directly speak to your area of interest.  For example, as a web designer, I subscribe to subreddits such as SEO, WordPress, and Design.  If you are opening the doors of a restaurant in a few months, subreddits such as Food or Recipes would be useful.  In general, the Small Business subreddit should be on each of your dashboards!  Take the time to explore Reddit with the mindset of a small business owner, and I think you’ll find that the hours you spend there are no longer wasted.

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