Website Tutorials & Training

We teach every client how to manage their website with an in-person tutorial.  Each website also comes with a custom screencast and our PDF of best practices to follow.  This proven system works not only for websites that we built but also for clients who come to us in need of support for their existing website.

“It was a pleasure speaking with Veronica Kirin from GreenCup about needing another set of eyes to help me with the launch of my website: a project that I had been working on for 6 months. Veronica gave me an amazing website analysis video … The website launch was a success and everyone who saw my website were amazed. I am looking forward to working with Veronica in the near future. If you need someone to help you with your website and support Veronica is your girl.”

Laila AliehFitness CoachThe Fitness Astronaut

“It was so easy to work with [Veronica] locally. To be able to sit face to face and know that [she] really *got* where I wanted to eventually grow and what drove me to become a maker and create my custom kid’s clothing and accessories line. [She] set everything up so that it was essentially point and click, which gave me time to really learn WordPress on my own so I could take over. It was also nice that [she] followed up with me for the first several months to remind me about WordPress updates and things I needed to do to keep the blog running smoothly. As a newbie both in business and in blogging, [she] made it easy for me.”

Melodie EldridgeOwnerFeathered Ruffles