Tidbit: Why A Website is Important to Small Business

Even in this day and age, I come across small business owners who don’t know the value of a website. Here’s a quick overview of the current stats affecting small business web design – stay tuned for the outtakes at the end.



Hi. My name is Veronica, and I’m the founder and Creative Director at Green Cup Design.

Today I want to talk to you about the importance of a website. If you’re thinking, “I know why a website is important”, then great. You can turn off this video. Heck, you’re probably a web designer, yourself. But if you’re here to learn something, then stick around. It’s only a three minute video, anyway.

When I got into web design, I couldn’t believe how many small businesses didn’t have a website. I thought the value was obvious. But if you didn’t grow up with computers and aren’t in the tech industry, you might have missed that memo. That’s ok. When I started my business I set out to fix that problem.

Did you know that over 3 Billion people use the internet every day? That’s huge! 61% of Americans already have smartphones. What do you think they’re doing on them? They’re surfing the web! 89% of consumers say they check a business’ website before making a purchase. If you’re not online, and those customers can’t find you, you just got negatively vetted. Even more so, a Facebook page isn’t enough. Anyone can create one for free. But a website has hours, strategy, and branding put into it, which is why it’s so meaningful.

So to recap: A website is likely your first contact with potential customers, will vet you and draw the attention of your target market, and (bonus fact) it’s working for you when you’re not. When you’re eating, when you’re sleeping, when you’re on vacation, that website is pulling in leads.

So don’t skip this necessary step in your business strategy.

I’m Veronica, and this was a Green Cup Design Tidbit.

(queue blooper reel)