Why I Rebranded

Green Cup Design was originally founded as Kirin|Design.  I liked the brand, thought its use of the vertical separator in the name clever, and the use of a last name gave it a polished feel.  But it was my last name, and, in truth, the business was all me.  I was the brand, and that can only grow so far.

After two years of business, I should have been offering my clients some seriously awesome services.  While the work I was doing was beautiful and extremely functional, it wasn’t as controlled or custom as I wished.  I attempted to soak up new coding structures and methods from the website design community, but I was continually pulled away in favor of running the business.  Any small business owner can attest that the business itself needs constant attention.  Personal assets always come second (or last).

I’d also hit a ceiling in growth.  I started offering Social Media Maintenance during the first year of business, but only sold the service for setting up social media.  I didn’t have the time to focus on a full marketing campaign or the implementation of a Social Media Calendar.  I was already designing and developing the websites full time, on top of networking, blog posting, my own website and social media maintenance, accounting, and managing any projects that used outside help.

This became obvious during fourth quarter of 2014.  Blog posting slowed to a once-a-month crawl.  While this is the most outward example, I can tell you that everything else was suffering as well.  It was time for me to decide if I wanted to run a business, or be a developer full time for another company.

I love running my business.  I’ve started eight including this one because I find innovating around current market problems intoxicating. I knew I didn’t want to learn more coding languages than I already knew, so I made the necessary change.

Removing my name from the brand was the first and most important step.  If I was going to hire a team, I didn’t want them operating as me.  I wanted them to operate under a business name that feels approachable and represents the collaboration within.

Since I’ve hired my team, the quality of work has improved exponentially.  Hattie, our graphic designer, is phenomenal.  She goes through such a journey to arrive at a full branding package – one I never had the time to undergo.  Alex, our developer, is a ninja.  He can code faster and with greater functionality than I ever could.  With Jason on the team, I can confidently quote social media projects of all sizes.  There is much more to it than this, but I hope it gives you a glimpse into the positive changes the rebranding has affected.

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