You Need To Start Using Facebook Business Manager

99% of our clients are on Facebook.  It’s the #1 tool for small business owners to stay connected with their customers and potential buyers.  Even our manufacturing clients have a Facebook page.

When the Facebook Business Manager launched in mid-2014, it was exclusive to large marketers — those that wished to leverage Facebook’s massive user base and data to get their ads in front of you.  Today, it has evolved into a major tool for any business page user.  If you haven’t moved your Facebook Business Page to the Business Manager Suite, there is no better time. 

Why Make The Move

So you think things are going just fine on Facebook, eh?  Why move to a new system and screw all that up?

Truthfully, “fine” should never be an acceptable status for a business.  As they say, you’re either growing or you’re dying.  Even though Facebook is a social media platform, that doesn’t mean it’s something to be brushed aside as frivolous.  With over 1.7 Billion users, it’s extremely likely that your customers have a Facebook profile, which means you can get in front of them whether or not they follow you via an ad campaign.

Something of note:  many small business owners I speak with say they’ve run ads on Facebook and thought it was a waste of money.  My first question is, “What kind of ad did you do?”  99 out of 100 times they say they simply Boosted A Post.  At this point I facepalm, because boosting isn’t an ad campaign.  It’s a shotgun attempt at getting in front of any Joe Schmoe.  The moral of the story:  Don’t boost posts.  Save your money for a truly targeted ad campaign (that will cost approximately the same anyway).

What makes the Business Manager awesome, you say?  Well, first of all, it offers far more in-depth analytics than a regular ol’ Business Page.  These analytics include peak user times so you know when to post, demographics on those that interact with your page, and your strongest posts.  This is an excellent way to gauge your efforts so you stop using a shotgun approach.

Even cooler, the Business Manager allows you to compare your Facebook Business Page to other Business Pages!  That’s right — you can peek into your competitor’s analytics and see what is working for them.  I’m not saying steal their ideas, but Facebook sure makes it easy to do so…

The Business Manager provides extra detail for ad campaigns, too.  It is so detailed that a lot of small business owners get overwhelmed and come to us for help — which is why we’re here.  But if you choose to go boldly ahead, you’ll find that you can target your ads very specifically.  After a couple campaigns you’ll have data to back up your theories about your target market and be able to make educated decisions about future marketing and the direction of your business.  All this saves you money and garners exposure to the specific customer base you want.

While there are tons of advantages to using the Business Manager over a regular Business Page, there is one particularly awesome for our firm.  The Business Manager allows you to assign roles to your Business Pages, which means you don’t have to do anything fancy to allow a firm like ours to manage your page.  You don’t have to ‘friend’ us, you don’t have to give us your password, and we don’t need access to your personal account anymore.

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How To Switch

Great – you’re ready to go.  Follow these steps to move your Facebook Business Page to the Business Manager Suite.

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Create Account”.  The account will be linked to your personal account but not affect it.
  3. Search to find your Business Page to which you’ll link the Business Manager.  If you already have a Business Manager account, use the drop down to “Claim Assets > Page” to search for another page.  You can technically manage an infinite amount of pages from Business Manager.
  4. To add people to manage one of your Business Pages, to go and, under the “People” tab, click “Add New People” on the righthand side.  You’ll need their Facebook email before proceeding.  Enter their email in the box that pops up, and follow the steps.

There is a lot to the Business Manager — that’s what makes it so powerful.  With that in mind, take your time to get to know all the new features you have at your fingertips.  Soon you’ll be kicking butt and taking names like the true boss you are.